Coffee: Giver of Life.

A terrible thing has happened today. As I write this, I sit in anticipation as I attempt to fix a very dire and serious problem. For you see, this morning, as I type this, I am currently without coffee.

My roommate and I have been doing a lot of cleaning to prepare for some visitors this weekend, so I don’t know if the machine managed to get some cleaning product in it or perhaps it’s just our water, which is not renowned for being very good, but when my coffee came out this morning, it tasted awful. When you expect that rich, smooth flavour, slightly sweet from too much sugar, and get something that tastes almost salty and astringent instead, the response is not a pleasant one at all. And now I crave the coffee flavour even more now that I’ve got what remains after my attempt to rinse my mouth out with everything imaginable and it’s made me realize how much I depend on that first cup, that first amazing sip, to really set my day into motion in the right direction.

I’m trying not to allow this debacle set it in the wrong one. If the second batch turns out just as strangely astringent, then there’s a Caribou not too far from where I live…

So today’s post is not so much about writing, but rather about what helps me so that I can write. It’s a love letter to my morning cup of coffee, because you can have the most appreciation for something the moment you don’t have it. It’s sort of like writing a love letter to the crack cocaine that leaves you penniless and in the street, but here it is, all the same. I love you, Java. Please don’t ever do this to me again.

What is your own relationship with the bean? Are you an avid coffee drinker? Do you shun the stuff? Do you feel that it’s a tool that easily exacerbates your creativity and gets you going?

And, no, it wasn’t simply that I accidentally used salt instead of sugar, though I have done that before, as well. Oh, coffee.

Also, I must have missed the email (or haven’t gotten to it yet; I’m behind on so much!) but I wanted to thank nancy Poehlmann for the subscription! Hooray! Welcome aboard and thank you so much!


One comment

  1. flavoUr? when did you become english?

    My relationship with the bean is a sick one. yeah, I’ve drank coffee all of my life, but I didn’t get hard into it until after college. The first thing they showed me at Randell was where the coffee pot was and it was all down hill from there. Now I get coffee whenever I want to leave my office and worse yet the coffee doesn’t not have that slightly sweet smooth flavoUr.

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