RoW80 Check-in: August 7.

Progress has come a slow crawl, a snail’s pace, moving as swiftly as molasses in January. Any report on how Serpent in a Cage has been going will be a report in minutia, as this week has been a very odd (but good!) week on several social and occupational levels, which means that I have not only manage to skip two days of positing this week (unheard of!), but I’ve maybe written a total of two pages combined between all my projects this week.

Boooooooo, me.

But that’s why, this week, I intent to work even harder, but, so help me, I might be starting yet another project. Why do I do this to myself? I love new, shiny things and I love to keep myself constantly busy. I’ve always been a very good swimmer, so I’ve never really been afraid of drowning.

As far as the minutia of the progress of SiaC, I’ve at least gotten Locke and Gilferen out of their room at the inn, out into the hallway, where they’ll have a little scuffle before it’s interrupted by a more explosive scuffle down the hallway between a young woman and a man you never really see. This introduces us to Awngel, albeit briefly, for her to come back into the picture later. And then it’s on to Chapter Two, where we’ll meet Estialog and Tayahyla and get clued in on the A’aeferean plot. There’s a lot of work to do still until we get to that point, but that’s the point that matches up with the pieces of the first draft I can find, so I imagine the writing will go faster from that point on.

And perhaps I can even be a little bit better about actually doing the work, no matter how busy I may be or how that pesky thing called Life might want to intrude.



  1. Perhaps setting a priority to your projects will help? Work actively on the top one and compile notes and such on the others. I do this using a Future Books file and a couple of notebooks. Whenever a new idea or an addition to an existing one comes along I jot it down to get it out of my head and then get back to the one current project.

    Just a thought. Have a great week.

  2. Gene’s tip is a good one; I do the same–madly scribbling in a notebook when something that is waay down the line pops in my head.

    I am a magpie (ooh, shiny!), especially when working on things like the textual notes for my dissertation *yawn*, so I have to exorcise the little pixies trying to lead me into the pretty woods where I will think I’ve only spent a hour, but it’s really four hours later in the real world!

    Best of luck this week!

  3. I have issues with commitment. (Ha! Sounds like I’m starting a therapy session…)

    I start things with a ferocity unseen, then set them down, moving on to the next pretty thing. Gene’s recommendation is a solid one.

    Hope you find whatever works for you!

  4. I echo the sentiments of all the above: I cannot resist the lure of a new tale, especially when their voices are loud, demanding, and tantalizing. There’s something so exciting about developing a new world and the people in it. This is the reason why I am attempting to juggle 3 WIPs and a thesis, lol. I’ve also had a few other half ideas surface in my mind, but these get banished to the List of Maybe Projects. 3 WIPs + a thesis seems to be the golden mean, at least for me. :p

    For me, rotating between projects helps to maintain my energy levels and to keep my creative juices flowing: if one MC isn’t speaking to me, then another one is inevitably ready, usually impatient to get started.

    Despite everything happening in life (which is very important, even though I tend to scowl on it when it intrudes on my writing), I’m glad to hear that you’re inching along. I’ve found that baby snail steps, while frustrating if you have a much larger goal in mind, is definitely better than no movement at all.

    Enjoy your week!

  5. I love working on multiple projects, too! I have a Little Black Book of story ideas and when my brain throws something at me regarding one of them I just it down on the appropriate Story Idea page. I try to hold all the lovely, new shinies at bay but occasionally they get in the door anywhere, like a big, slobbery St. Bernard.

    Good luck with your goals this week–keep pecking away!

  6. I have to try and keep away from new ideas for stories as I would get distracted but when they intrude I jot down the idea and just leave it fermenting in the background – I confess tho’ this week I actually went a little further!!

    all the best for this week

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