RoW80 Check-in: August 3.

Holy canoli, it’s already Wednesday. This week has been flying by, which is kind of nice, even if I’m not getting as much work done as I would like to be doing.

I’ve figured out that it’s really no wonder I haven’t gotten to the end of Chapter One yet. Apparently, Chapter One and Chapter Two want to be one cohesive chapter. So I’m moving into the events that would have made Chapter Two, and raising all the usual questions I wind up having about structure, especially with chapter breaks. In a book like Serpent in a Cage, I’d like to keep my chapter breaks to whenever the perspective switches between Locke, Gilferen, and Auferrix. The problem with this is that this means some chapters may be significantly longer than others, and other may be pretty short. So I’ll probably spend a ridiculous amount of time convincing myself that the structure either works or does, but, ultimately, it’s an issue I can deal with once the thing is, you know, actually rewritten.

Another change in the rewrite: Gilferen is going to be present when Locke encounters Awngel for the first time, and they both may also be present when Gilferen encounters Tayahyla. In the original, each of the boys ran into these characters on their own, but I’m exciting to see if having the other there will add any more depth or humour or thought to those scenes.

Things are moving along; I think I’m about a page behind on my goal, and Chapter One (Part One) is sort of an unbalanced mess, but things are plodding along nicely.



  1. I am glad things are moving (or plodding!) along for you! Your post seems more upbeat since you have tweaked your goal and I hope the rest of the week goes as well for you.

  2. I usually try to make my chapters close to the same length. But sometimes you just can’t do that. if it’s more important to change chapters with each POV, then the chapter length may have to come second in importance. I personally don’t care if I’m reading a book and the chapters are different lengths.

    It sounds like you’re moving right along. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sounds like some great ideas and it will be interesting to see how your characters play off of each other. My chapters are all different lengths as well. There isn’t any hard and fast rule I don’t think for lengths. Just let em end naturally. Good job!

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