Random Tidbits and Morsels.

There are some days that I cannot think of what to write in this empty blank space waiting for my fingers to fill it with typed words. There are many posts I have been thinking of doing…another Song That Inspires, or finally that post dedicated to my cats (one of whom is doing a fine job of preventing this from being written at all right now), a Tools of My Trade post where I can manage to be a huge nerd about pens…a few ideas, but the problem with the days when I can’t think of anything else to write about, I’m usually feeling too lazy to piece those posts together. And so, alas, you get a post of much randomness.

As I was finishing out the first chapter of Serpent in a Cage, I realized that it could be an interesting metaphor on the current job market. I’ve never been much of a type to put real-world politics into my fantasy, but I had to laugh when the thought occurred to me. I just may have to see how I can exploit that, if only to amuse myself with thoughts that, in a hundred years, scholars will study it and make the parallels and all sorts of claims about its meaning to reflect the society from which it was written.

I’ve decided to go with another attempt at The Unknown Scourge for August, which will leave the horror story for September unless something better comes along. I’ve been fond of the prologue I’ve had for that book since I first wrote it probably a decade ago, but I’m trying a cold-write of something new and I figured I could stick with the one I wind up liking better. I hope it’s the new one, because that will show an evolution in my writing, and I do rather like where it’s going so far

I’m behind on sending out short stories, as I usually get when I’ve run through my stockhold of ones already completed. I need to start writing more short stuff! But I’m constantly remembering that I’ve always been far more of a novelist than any other kind of writer. And that’s okay, so long as I actually one day finish a novel…Ahem.

Mostly, there’s been a lot of work, as usual, but I have some paid time off coming up for the Comic Con here in Chicagoland, and I just got the promotion I’ve been shooting for at the One Job, so I can now tell the Other Job that I need to go on call for realsies, or else I need to put in my two weeks. It should be interesting to see how the new arrangement works out for my writing, but I’m really looking forward to it opening up a lot more windows for it….and a whole lot less stress juggling two jobs!

And see? This is why random posts like this are good sometimes. I feel so much more energized and ready to go now than I did at the end of the post. Yet another example of why writing, even random rambly writing about nothing in particular, is an amazing force.


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