RoW 80 Check-In: July 31.

Hoooo, boy, here we go. Another Round of Words in 80 Days check-in without a whole lot to report. The last few days have been a little hectic, so I’m a little behind on my page count, but Chapter One is still plodding along nicely with a finish in end, so I’m hoping to get that done today, if not tomorrow. And then on to Chapters Two and Three, which should be interesting and fun, because the course of events has not changed from the first draft, but the way in which they occur is changing slightly, and I’m really excited about those changes. They’re much more natural, and they do a better job of bringing in the characters that were almost cut due to the new approach in writing the book.

And I really didn’t want to cut them, so everyone’s happy. Yaaaay. They get a more integral role without seeming like they’re just thrown in to provide a second story line as in a television show or something, and the UST bickering between Gilferen and Tayahyla can commence! No word yet on whether or not Locke will continue to refer to her ample bosoms as her large tracts of land, however.

Admittedly, though, most of my attention today (which I do have off, double yay!) will be going into preparing for August’s novel, finishing a book, and trying not to psyche myself out for a date (yes, date) tonight. However, said date is a writer as well, so a good portion of the evening will probably be spent babbling about our work, so let’s call it “plot hashing with an associate” instead.

Anyway, my coffee and my work awaits! Good luck to everyone else and I look forward to checking in on a few of you if I can!



  1. Glad that chapter 1 is going well and the end of it is in sight! I have just written the bulk of my chapter 1 and already can think of a hundred things that need changing….oh well….will get to that!

    Have fun plot hashing with an associate!

  2. It’s lovely that you found a way to keep your characters in the story. It sounds like you’ve been working away quite well.

    Enjoy the plot hashing–my last face-to-face with a felllow writer was a long time ago, and it’s so much fun!

    Have a great week!

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