Dream Drabbles: Dinopocalypse

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts; it’s just been a while since I’ve had a dream vivid enough to want to write about it to save it for use later on. The only thing I can say really inspired this is fairly random; I’m working on organizing my room, which means moving some books, which include a few Dinotopia volumes, and that’s the only exposure I’ve even had to dinosaurs lately. And yet, last night, I had a dream of the Dinopocalypse.

The Dinopocalypse is a little bit like the zombie apocalypse, only with dinosaurs instead. This was just a dream, of course, so the details are still fairly fuzzy and not very logical, but, essentially, some catastrophic event (most likely a meteor) smashes human civisation into rumbles. There are few survivors, and those who do continue on find themselves in a bare, abandoned shadow of the former world. That’s pretty bad, but still manageable. Some set out to find others; some remain where they are and try to make the best of things. Life is hard, but liveable.

And that’s when the dinosaurs start coming into the picture. These aren’t just normal dinosaurs, either, but some of them seem endowed with a great deal of radioactive poison that makes them even larger and meaner and scarier and more dangerous than the dinos you read about in your school science books. The humans have to band together now, or else they will be crushed, chomped, dissolved into nothing by acid spit, etc, etc, etc, and the humans create a fortress of sorts, to keep themselves in and the dinosaurs out. The stronghold is constantly being threatened by the dinosaurs, and, as always, trouble also brews from within as humans come to grips with this dangerous new world.

My heart is already set on a Phantasmagoria-esque novel for August, so I don’t know if Dinopocalypse will stick around long enough for me to eventually do something with it, but, let me tell you, it made for an incredibly awesome dream. This drabble doesn’t really even capitalize on how inventive the society building out of it had been, and how awesome the threat of being eaten by dinosaurs was. Besides, like Ragnarok: Space Vikings, it would wind up being just a really fresh take on conventional sci-fi cheesiness that would be a whole lot of fun to write.

Who couldn’t love a Dinopocalypse?

(Okay, maybe I just like the word way, way too much).


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