Just Another Manic Monday.

Actually, today will be the complete opposite of a manic Monday, and it will be glorious. One benefit, I suppose, to having retail jobs is that most of the time, you’re working a lot on the weekends and, when it comes to be Monday, when the majority of the world grumps about going back to work, you get a whole day of getting your week in order before it starts, stretched out all in front of you. Sometimes. I’ve had the last two Mondays off, and I love it. It can stay, yes please! It gives me lovely days like this where I don’t have anything to really write about except for a good old ramble. So here we go.

I definitely plan on getting Chapter One of Serpent in a Cage finished today; if I can get Chapter Two finished by Wednesday’s RoW80 check-in, even better! I’m not worried about meeting my goal for July’s Novel, but I would like to get a little bit of groundwork sketched out for August’s novel. Only six days left until then!

Also, I’m going to try to stick to my “send out a story on each day off” goal, but all the polished ones are sent out already, which means breaking out and finishing a new one. I did just find an old fiction project from one of my senior seminars in college, and it wasn’t too shabby so I’m thinking of using that and brushing it up. Should be interesting! It was such a trip going through that again; if definitely reminded me why I’m such a hoarder for all my paperwork. You never know when you’re going to uncover an old gem you’d completely forgotten you’d even had.

And this leads me to my favourite comment this week, from Nancy Poehlmann in my July 24 Check-In:

“…it is all research! House Hunters International is one of my guilty pleasures, since I’m planning my retirement (which is way too far away!). And look, I can take my character to Valencia, because I know all about the housing market there!!

I’ve learned a lot from participating in RoW80. A lot about myself, my writing, and how I work. Also, a lot about other people and their writing, how they work, some wonderful new stuff to check out and explore and appreciate. But the most important thing I’ve learned through through RoW80 is that there are people out there just like me, who enjoy watching crappy reality shows about people buying shit, too. And the beauty of being a writer is that we can so chalk it up to research. Everyone’s comments on that post made my day, but especially the one about Valencia. Thanks, Nancy!

And thanks to everyone reading, too. I hope you have a marvelous Monday; I know I’m determined to!


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