RoW 80 Check-In: July 24.

When I drove home from work last night, my intentions were entirely to set to the task of finishing Chapter One, if only because I knew then I could say I at least finished Chapter One, though I’m many, many chapters behind my original (and probably high-arching) goal for A Round of Words in 80 Days.

However, when I got home, my roommate was watching House Hunters International[. Curse you, House Hunters International! Next thing I know, it’s past my bedtime and I didn’t write a damn thing. So Chapter One still awaits finishing, but I know much more about the housing market in Mumbai and Dubai. Think anyone will buy it if I say that, since Serpent in a Cage takes place in a desert type area, that it was merely research?

I’m not too worried about it, though. Partially because there’s really no point in worrying about it, and partially because I do think perhaps I set my goal a little too high for this particular project, but at least some work is getting done and that’s more than a girl could ask for. I have a nice, steady looking week ahead of me with a few days off to concentrate on my work and maybe getting things reset so that I have a chapter a week rather than per check-in. But who knows? I’m still angling for that day when several pages flow out of me like it’s nothing and, surprisingly, I’ve caught up with myself. Unlikely, but still possible, though I won’t know for sure unless I try!

I’d say Chapter One is about half-way finished. I’m struggling a little bit with my concern that it’s too much dialogue, but I can think of no better way to establish the main characters’ situation, and so I’m going to try to stick with it Jaxson still needs to come into the picture, but I’m thinking of even holding him off until a later chapter. This would probably be going more quickly if I could find the original first few chapters as a bolster, but, alas, they are still missing in action. Oh, well. Off to write.



  1. I think you’d better edit the post and present it as research from the beginning. ‘I planned to finish Chapter 1 but then, this opportunity for research turned up and I just couldn’t let it pass and end up with an unrealistic book.’ 😛

  2. I totally know how TV can be such a good/bad distraction. I decided that watching TV series is “studying” because I look at the plot and characters etc.

    Also, I noticed I have a TON of dialogue throughout my 7 chapters so far written. I think its better to have lots of dialogue rather than narration because it shows action and maybe its more entertaining that way?

  3. Distractions. What are those. Rather call it research. 🙂 Good luck with the writing. The beginnings of my first drafts always are chock full of dialogue and not much else. Working on the 5 senses in edit.

  4. You can always change your goals. That’s the beauty of ROW80…you can adjust as you go.

    You mentioned too much dialogue. I’m one of those people that really likes dialogue. I know some people don’t, but I love that interaction between characters.

  5. ROW80 is all about tweaking goals when we planned to eat the entire elephant in eighty days; so no apologies necessary! Tweak away.

    Also, I’m in agreement: it is all research! House Hunters International is one of my guilty pleasures, since I’m planning my retirement (which is way too far away!). And look, I can take my character to Valencia, because I know all about the housing market there!! LOL

    I start with dialogue, too. It’s how real people find out about each other. As Robin says, the other senses can be added later.

    Good job! Here’s to a productive week to come.

  6. I love House Hunters 😉 I’ve noticed that inspiration comes from the oddest places So if you find yourself doing something other than writing, you never know — inspiration or a solution to a writing problem may come! Good luck on your writing this coming week!

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