Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve had two glorious days off of work (which sadly ends today) and I didn’t want to say anything before, knowing that I’ve been terribly lazy and generally not feeling well, so I didn’t want to have to fess up to not being a very productive writer in those two days. I probably could have done better, but, overall, I’m very pleased with what I managed to accomplish in those two days. I’m still on track with my Novel of the Month, and the ROW80 project is picking up nicely. Most importantly, I sent out stories to journals again, determined to get back on track with sending a new story for every day I have off of one of my two jobs. Granted ,I set this goal quite often, and usually, at this point, when I have no finished short stories, I usually stop, but I have a lot of short stories started, so I should be able to sit down on my next day off (possibly Friday!) and get something finished and sent out!

“Lilacs” was shortened yet again (I’ve cut out almost half the story by now, but each cut makes it much sharper) and sent to Weave. I brushed “Purgatory” up and sent it off to anderbo, though, as I was editing it, I’m thinking of whittling it down into a 500 words or less flash fiction and trying to appeal more to that market.

So I feel incredibly good about having gotten some “writerly business” done; hopefully, after work today, I’ll have time to focus on Serpent in a Cage, so that I can have a lot to report on for the ROW80 check-in tomorrow.


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