ROW80 Check-In: July 13.

According to my goal for Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days, I should have three chapters finished. I am just now finishing out the rewrite of my prologue. Looks like someone’s dragging her ass!

I’m not too worried, though. I know that I habitually tend to get a little dragged down during the middle of the month, and then hit another eager swing toward the end of it, and I feel once the prologue is out of the way, the rest will be smooth sailing, especially if I either a) find the first few chapters of the original draft or b) sail through those missing chapters and then will be right up with what I do have of the first draft. The prologue threw me off a little because I actually did have to change a bit of it by doing it from Auferrix’s perspective; the chain of events didn’t work as well from her eyes, and so it’s all about to end diferently. I like the change much better, too. It establishes a villain much earlier and more significantly. So, even though my goal is still unreached, some good things are happening.

I’m not about to reconsider my goal quite yet, either. I’m going to see how the rest of the week pans out (another day off tomorrow and, while Friday is an all-day double-shift, Saturday is not), and then take it from there on Sunday, because I have an unexpected Sunday off and that never, ever, ever, ever seems to happen. I think it’s going to do wonders to get my mojo back up. I’m pretty sure a big problem is that I’ve been going to bed a little bit later than usual, which means I usually don’t spend some time writing before bed, and I can usually churn out a good solid page if I write before bed. I need to get back on that. Pull up those bootstraps and get back on track.



  1. Way to go with finishing the prologue 🙂 I see no ass dragging here! It sounds like fixing the direction of your prologue was the better choice and will help you get the rest of your chapters on an even keel. Good intentions are always positive!


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