Awesome Reader Comments.

Everyone, when they start out writing a blog, has a particular intention, whether it be just to get their thoughts out, to spark a following, to promote their work, so on and so forth. This blog, when I started writing it, was a combination of all three of those, as well as an effort (a successful one, I should think!) to get myself writing every day and focusing my attention so that writing can become the foremost thing in my mind. Another thing I hoped to achieve was a sense of community with other writers and readers, to be a place to bounce thoughts and ideas and stories off of each other, especially since that is one aspect of writing that has been missing in my life since I graduated.

Sometimes I fear I just don’t have the time to really maintain and support a community on a blog like I’d like to; work and other things get distracting and I can’t keep up with all the great comments that people have left me. So I’d like to make this post a way of saying thank you to everyone who has been leaving me all the words of encouragement. Thank you all so much and hopefully I’ll be able to return the favor soon! I love reading all your blogs, even if I don’t always get a chance to comment myself, and I wish everyone the best of luck on their own projects, too.

I also had another idea. On another blog I try to read every day, a blog with a huge following called Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson, the writer, has started a featuring his favourite comment of the week. I think this is such a fun idea, and something I might try since I know this week, I’ve defintely got a favourite and it would be a good way to thank that person for their insight by promoting them a little. Granted, I don’t give myself so muc hcredit to think that me reblogging their comment will bring waves of people about to their blog, but it’s little things that may build to bigger things, after all. Already, this blog gets more readers than I’d ever really imagined (a lot thanks to ROW80), so who knows? I feel a little cocky thinking that “reblogging” awesome comments that people make will up their traffic or anything like that, but I felt it was a good way of really showing appreciation for everyone who bothers reading my ramblings.

Which reminds me, I’d like to welcome Sonia G Medeiros as a new subscriber! Thanks for watching and reading! It makes my day getting those little subscription notices in my email.

Anyway, enough rambling, and onto my featured reader comment this week, from Emma Madden in my Row80 check in for July 10 on struggling with action scenes:

Action scenes can be difficult. Try reading similar scenes by your favuorite author, then sitting down to write. Often the rhythm and flow come much easier after. Good luck and keep plugging away.

This is such a great idea, and I’ve been meaning to thank Emma for her thoughtful comment! I know if I keep struggling, I’m definitely going to do that and figured the advice might be helpful to others, too. I even thought to myself that a great way to kind of get into a good rhythm is to not only read the action passages of your favourite writers, but to also then copy the passages down yourself. For me, writing something down is a good way of really cementing it into my brain, so writing it would help me keep writing in a similar style for my own work

(Of course, now the only problem is to find the time to do it!)



  1. Time is always the killer. There is NEVER enough time to cram in all the things we want to do, to achieve. The only way is to really focus on a few specifics and concentrate on them. Chances are you’ll STILL run out of time, but at least what time you do manage to dedicate won’t be on a tangent to the things you most care about. Keep on truckin’! 🙂

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