ROW80 Check-In: July 10.

Well, second check in for A Round of Words in 80 Days, and I am still sadly behind, behind, behind on my goal. By this time, according to the goal I set for myself, I should have the prologue and the first chapter rewritten, and I’m sitting at about half-way through the prologue. I did come to a nice realization though yesterday and realizing that the going is slow because of my lack of talent for writing action sequences, so it has been a learning experience so far. I’d like to place a lot of the blame on it just being a busy week for me, between work any everything. I have two glorious days off coming up, and so I hope to really catch up on those days and see where I stand after that. I really don’t want to readjust this goal; I want to stick with it, so we’ll see if I can manage some catch-up and keep on the warpath.

Maybe by then I could actually find the first part of the first draft. My intention was to follow along with that as an outline, but I realized that the first few chapters are actually missing from the Great Big Green Binder that I’ve been keeping the draft in. Granted, I know what happens and the plot and all that, but I’m worried I’m losing some good lines that deserve to be transferred from one draft to the other.

On the bright side, while I’m dragging on my ROW80 goal, I am keeping pace perfectly with my New Novel project for July. Which is also pretty action-scene packed at the moment. So at least I’m managing to work through my weaknesses.



  1. Halfway through your prologue is better than at the start! I am of the something is better than nothing mindset and I hope you have a productive week! Good luck!

  2. Action scenes can be difficult. Try reading similar scenes by your favuorite author, then sitting down to write. Often the rhythm and flow come much easier after. Good luck and keep plugging away.

  3. I always have problems with the action scenes (not being very active myself I guess!!!) but reading, watching etc has helped a bit – don’t start the round being hard on yourself softly softly as they say goals are just that goals not end points

    best of luck this week

  4. Sometimes getting stuck or going slow shows you what you need to learn. I put my MIP down for months and then still got stuck when i picked it back up. I realized I needed to learn a few specific things before it would work. Now, I’ve gone back to the outline stage and that’s humming along nicely.

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