Ahead of me today is a long twelve-hour day at work, the sort that I dread and merely hope will go by quickly and be free of any additional stress or frustrations. Of course, this also means that my time for writing is limited to a little bit in the morning as I’m getting ready and perhaps some on my lunch break if I’m lucky. This means that I will definitely not have my prologue finished by tomorrow’s ROW80 check-in, putting me not one, but two chapters behind my goal.

I’m sure I’ll hit a stride that allows me to jog up ahead and catch up, but it did get me to thinking about why this prologue is taking so long. It’s not like the scene is anything new; in fact, the scene is something I’ve had written for several years, have brushed up multiple times, have edited, edited, edited. It’s simply that this is now the same scene from a different perspective. That in itself might be throwing me, but I think I’ve pinpointed a bigger problem.

I am not very good at writing action scenes. Plain and simple. So it takes me forever to write them and I’m never quite satisfied with the results. I’m trying to be good and pushing through it and not just reasoning that I can go back and add things (which I will). I want to get the majority of the meat out now, but I flounder when it comes to fighting scenes. And, naturally, the whole prologue is supposed to be this action-packed, thrown-into-the-middle-of-it scene.

So I’d like to open things up to find out if anyone else suffers from this problem. Do you have difficulty with action scenes, or do you find them easy to write? Is there anything in particular, like listening to some exciting music or rewatching action flicks, that helps to motivate you to direct your fighting sequences more clearly and efficiently? Do you have a way of measuring how much detail is just right, so that you get a good picture of the battle but you’re not overwhelmed with meticulous details?

Mostly, I just tell myself to just keep on going, that any practise I have writing action will make it better the next time I try. And that’s really all you can do right now until revising time comes around.


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