Writer Quotes: Guillemets.

Writer’s block is a disease for which there is no cure, only respite.” -Terry Guillemets.

Though I cannot exactly say I’m suffering from writer’s block at this moment (I’m suffering more of a lack of time), I have to appreciate this quote for all the times I’ve sat there, desiring nothing more than to just sit and let the words pour out of me onto the page, only to discover that the well is currently dry. Right now, the flowing comes easily; plenty of new material is gushing out of me whenever I sit down with a pen in my hand, but I know that this is probably not going to last forever. It would be nice if it did, if I finally hit some sort of unending stride that would carry me until my final days, but inspiration tends to work on a roller coaster, not a bullet train track.

I don’t mean this post as a downer, as a way of saying that writer’s block is inevitable and unavoidable and a necessary evil. I mean it as a positive reminder that, when we do have that respite from writer’s block, we should be sure to embrace it and appreciate it and shake that sucker for all it’s worth. Write everything. Write on everything. Fill every notebook or gigabyte with a flow of words, whether they seem useful toward something else or not. That way, when the respite ends and you’re back to that teeth-gnashing grind of writer’s block, you have a nice little reserve well that you can dip into, maybe hold you over until the next respite occurs.

This is coming to me at a time where I am definitely not suffering from the Horrible Block, so perhaps I’m in no position to talk, but I do know I am trying to write as much as I possibly can now, because I know the time will come soon enough where I’m going to be glad I did.


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  1. Often I, too, don’t have writer’s block as much as I have writer’s schedule, meaning no time to think. Between starting an ezine (which involves a ton of writing but not creative fiction writing,) moving households, work and family, there just isn’t enough red wine!

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