Row80 Check-In 07/06.

Despite all of my enthusiasm and excitement, Round 3 of Row30 is not off to the most successful start. Based on my goal, I should have the prologue of SiaC finished at this point; in reality, I have a page finished. So there’s at least something! To be honest, I’m not too terribly worried. It’s only been a few days since it started and I just simply have to find a good stride and a good way to weave this goal in with all my other goals. I’m not working a late shift tonight, so I will be getting out of work near a Barnes & Noble, where I plan to go and sit until I finish the prologue. I tried to finish it last night before bed, telling myself to just charge on through and not let my head hit the pillow until it was finished, but I was so tired I couldn’t stand it. I want it to be good, not sleep delerious ramblings, and so it will just have to wait. But I do plan to have the prologue finished before the end of the day.

The main challenge with the prologue is the change in perspective. The first version of it was done from the perspective of a character that was really insubstantial, providing a sort of outsider’s look in of a major event that sets things into motion. Since I want to restrict my perspective to three characters, I have to turn the whole thing around into different eyes. I started with a quiet start, decided I wasn’t fond of it, and went back to mimicking the middle-of-action approach of the original. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the events to follow the exact pattern, or if I wanted to switch things up a little, but it looks like I’m trying to make it exactly like the original, just from a different view. And I’m enjoying the view, as well. Auferrix has always been fun for me to write.

Anyway, lots of work to get done today, so stay tuned, and good luck on any of your other goals!



  1. Prologues can be tough. They are part of the story but at the same time they’re not. (I know how that sounds but I just ate and can’t elaborate with a full stomach. 😛 )
    Best of luck with your prologue and your entire WIP for that matter.

  2. It takes me a while to find a groove, too. Generally, for the first couple weeks, I have to kind of try to get a bunch done in chunks, before I get a pattern and a time schedule going that works for me.

    Good luck!


  3. Glad you’re participating in the challenge! I look forward to following along on your journey this 80 days. I hope you get a prologue done that you like! 🙂

  4. Ahh Beginnings can be so frustrating, I’m having a similar problem with my novella series. But keep pushing through the story will find it’s voice as you keep writing… Maybe just have sort of a skeleton skets of the events you want to happen in the prologue and then keep writing from there then you can come back later and really flesh it out when you know more about your story??

    lol I hope I’m helping.

  5. Good luck on finishing the prolog. I haven’t used the local B & N yet, but I like the nomadic writing space, shifting from coffee shop to library to the back room of my friend’s comic book shop.

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