The Day Stretches Before Me…

Today, this glorious Monday, June 13, is my only day off this week. Naturally, this makes me think that I’ll get a lot done today, be a very productive member of my household, and accomplish all of my daily writing goals. Of course, I know myself better than that and know that I’m never usually as productive as I’d like to hope I am, but, still, I know I’m going to put in a valiant effort.

Things I Hope to Accomplish Today: Post my blog. Post Radio for Fandom High. Play some fun threads over at Fandom High. Get to page 14 of the Drafes novel. Get to page 5 of the short film project. Possibly start meta short story mentioned yesterday. Finish the last 60 pages of the book I’m currently reading (the last 60 always seem the longest). Read another story from Literary Laundry. Finish cleaning and drying the carpets. Go shopping. Rearrange bedroom. Make delicious catfish with shallots sauce for dinner. Drink lots of coffee and tea.

Number of Those Things I’m Likely to Accomplish: 5. But, hey, it’s good to have goals, right?.

At least I know I did well last night, though, so I get some points there. I stayed up later than usual catching up on the latest South Park episode, and, though I was about to just fall over and pass out on my bed, I trudged through and met my page goal for June’s novel for the first time since our apartment flooded. I like that it gives me a great little upswing of hope that things will start getting back to normal and eventually, our apartment might even stop smelling like wet carpet. Blech.



  1. Sorry to hear about the flooding. A mess to be sure. As I grow older, my to-do list gets shorter in hopes of actually finishing it some days.

    • It seems that every day, I’m adding something else to replace any of the ones I may have completed, but that’s okay! At least I know I’ll never be bored.

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