Water, Water, Everywhere.

It started with the sink. The sink was clogging, no matter how much drain cleaner or drain snake products we seemed to use. This was connected to the fact that our washing machine was not working; apparently, they’re both connected. Then came the flooding. Our area received a great deal of rainfall in a short period of time, most of which, it seemed, decided to leak through the baseboards of our basement apartment and flood our bathroom, bedrooms, and part of the living room. The sink was fixed; I managed to do a few dishes from the pile-up occurring from lack of sink access and the upstairs neighbours decided to do about fifty loads of laundry now that the machine was fixed. Ensue machine overload and more flooding…right into our apartment. Wah-wah-waaaaah.

No, it’s not that bad, at least. But our apartment isn’t that nice, either.

Needless to say, this has put a little bit of a strain on my writing time. My reading hasn’t suffered too much; it’s interesting how I always seem to find the time to do at least a little reading every day, but I’m terribly behind in my writing. Well, only about a page in the June 2011 Novel, but much further in the short story than I wanted to be by now. On one hand (and I hope I’m not cursing myself here), there isn’t much else that can go wrong, and so now I can get back into the swing of things. On the other hand, I’ve also got some interesting material for other stories. Let’s see how many metaphors I can make out of the constant flooding and failed use of things!

Until then, off to try to clean some of the flooded mess while I try to also get some bloody work done.



  1. oh what misery! If you can read or write anything while dealing with that kind of a mess, you have my admiration!

    • Hee, well, really, reading and writing is my way of dealing with the mess, especially since, after a certain point, after all the moving stuff and cleaning as best as you can, there really isn’t much else you can do except wait for it to dry. So you can clean and move things some more.

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