Round of Words in….Less than 20 Days!

Thanks to Magic of Ice Cream, I found my way a little bit ago to A Round of Words in 80 Days in the middle of a session, so I was holding back, biding my time, watching the progress of the others, knowing I really couldn’t jump right in with a big project until the next round.

But then, not only did the movie project show up, but also a great post by Ben Miller went up on RoW80 that inspired me and made me think, “Hey, you know what could be a great thing to try for the last swing of Round Two and make my mission to just get a rough draft of this finished…”

And so it begins.

This movie project, currently untitled, is officially underway, and the goal is to finish a rough draft by June 23. So far, it’s off to a slow start. I’ve only got half of a small page (I like small notebooks, shush), an introductory paragraph, but I hope to get more done today, as I have another glorious day off. Hopefully, I got all my lazy urges out yesterday, and today will be full of productivity and win. I want to get to at least three pages, and then I’ll have an idea of pacing and potential length and can maybe structure a day-by-day goal. I should also start thinking of potential titles, but that’s always something that can fall into place later and might actually be extracted from the text itself as it’s developing.

So, for my check in, untitled short story for a movie project: half a page! But it’s a beginning; everything starts somewhere, and this starts my official attempts to give RoW80 a try.


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