Fatal White Window?

I may actually have a new project on my hands, which is exciting, but the project came up very randomly while shooting the breeze with some of the girls at work, so who knows if it will actually come into fruition? If anything, I have a new short story idea and I’ll be attempting to tackle it tomorrow, my first day off in over a week (everyone, breathe a happy sigh with me), and we’ll see where it goes.

Basically, it came up at work that I planned to use my days off to get some new short stories written. This immediately caught Monica’s attention, because, apparently, her husband has been trying to get into make short films, but has a lack of source material. Of course I jumped on the chance to see if I could compose anything for him, and I’m definitely going to try a lot of options. London, however, mentioned that she had a story in her head that might make a good short film, but she tried writing it and realized she wasn’t much of a writer. So she turned it over to my hopefully capable hands, and it will be an effort of the three of us.

The concept isn’t, admittedly, too original. It’s very Fatal Attraction/Single White Female meets Rear Window, so the challenge will be in the writing, and making that aspect more unique and intriguing. Essentially, it’s the story of a young woman obsessed with the couple who live in the apartment across the courtyard of her building. She’s taken to watching them, and watching them quickly develops into fantasies of her being with the man, or being the woman all together. As you can all guess, this does not end well. London’s ending had her going completely off the deep end and orchestrating a murder suicide for the three of them; I feel like giving it a little more meat and having her come to her senses and realize that she’ll never have something like they have, and that’s why she’s obsessed with them, and then go about the murder suicide.

It should be interesting. It’s definitely dark, and I know I can do dark, and it would translate fairly well to screen. I’m just thrilled that I already have a first line that I think is actually quite good:

It was 6:30 pm, and Jack would be coming home soon, so Anna had slipped into a delicate red negligee.

Of course, a few lines later, we realize that Anna is slipping into the negligee just to spy on Jack and his wife, which is creeeepy. I have no idea if those will be the names; they’ll work for now.

I know I also have a story that didn’t get very far about sex, drugs, and rock and roll that might surface for this project, but who knows what else might come out? All I know is that it’s exciting to have a sort of assignment again, even if it doesn’t really get too far.



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