Submit! Submit!

After a long period of time, I’ve finally heard back from one of the journals I’ve submitted to. It was, unfortunately, a rejection letter, but I have to admit, it was a very encouraging one, and I love when journals do that. I had been hoping that the delay in response meant a positive return was in my future, but, alas, it was not meant to be. The journal was Camera Obscura and the piece was The Wartburg Incident, so I’m a little disappointed since that journal’s really the only one I’ve come across so far that I felt really fit that piece, but I suppose I shall have to keep trying.

Especially because I haven’t been doing much of that lately.

According to the log I started keeping of which stories were submitted where, and when, The Wartburg Incident was the last story to go out…on March 30th. Two months ago. Granted, I know my “real jobs” have been sucking away a lot of my time, and I have a few weeks of cut hours to look forward to where I might be able to get back into the swing of submitting, but I really should get better. If you don’t throw yourself out there, there’s no chance that anyone might catch you. You could fall and break your neck, sure, but you never know who might have a net waiting for you. Starting Monday, I’m planning to get back to submitting more thins, creating more short stories so I have more to submit, and hopefully garnering more luck.

And, especially since I have a few more readers from the last time I asked, are there any journals anyone would recommend? Were there any that you’ve had luck with, or that you particularly enjoy reading? I’m always keeping an eye out for new suggestions, either for submitting or reading! June will be a productive month, I’m deciding so right now!


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