Let’s Start Something New.

I have to say, I absolutely love the beginning of a new month, especially when it gets itself into full swing with all the changes I was looking forward to making. Of course, when you’re only two days into something, it’s easy to be optimistic and exciting, but it’s also easy to feel confident that the feeling of newness will last for at least another week. It would be nice if it lasted through the whole month but, even in my optimistic moods, I’m still pretty realistic that, at the least, the motivation will dwindle and, if you’re lucky, come back in full swing by the last few days of the month.

For June, though, I’m off to a really good start. I actually finished the page count for May, I’m catching up on my count for the 100 books a little more, and I’ve got a few ideas for short stories finally bouncing around my brain. My hours at work these next few weeks have been cut down a little, but I’m determined to see the time off as a chance to actually work on my writing, rather than worrying about the money aspect of things. I’m going to use those days off to write up those short stories and send them somewhere.

Sure, I always say that, and rarely actually manage it. But, last night, I made a “real” dinner (as I told my roommate, it didn’t contain anything at all from a frozen bag! Of course, she canceled out my effort by bringing out some ice cream for dessert, but…we won’t talk about that part), and I have plans to make another one tonight. Even though I haven’t been feeling up to it, I made myself do a little bit of my Just Dance workout when I woke up yesterday morning and today. And even though I was tired, I made certain I finished the day’s page for writing. All these small things, I hope, will build up to me being more at peace, healthier, and happier…and, in turn, it will make my life better, and my writing as well.

Because I am definitely not one of those writers that thrive on being miserable. I know that I sometimes envy those writers, since being miserable seems pretty damn easy, but, now that I think about it (or, at the very least, now that I’m sitting here with coffee, having had a good night’s sleep, and a little bit of a workout earlier and a cute cat to cuddle), being happy can be pretty easy, too.


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