Dedication Working!

In the past few days, I’ve come to the oh-so-startling realization that if you dedicate yourself and make yourself do something, you will get it done. What a novel concept, right?

I’m notoriously bad for setting myself a goal or saying I’ll do something and, if it’s relatively unimportant or won’t affect anyone, I’ll let it slide. These past few days, I haven’t quite managed to get my page count in the monthly novel where it needed to be so I dedicated myself, finally, as I’ve always intended, to just sit and finish that page before I go to bed. There would be no sleeping until that full page number matched the date. And voila! I’m right on track, and there’s no chance of this novel falling into the same unfinished state as the previous ones this year. It’s just been a bad year for me meeting my goals, but not anymore. These past few days have been really encouraging for not only this goal, but all my other ones.

I also may have a prospect for a full time job, which has relieved a lot of the pressure to succeed at my current jobs. Please keep your fingers crossed and your hopes up for me! A good, steady job with no pressure to make high sales goals sounds like heaven right now, so I really hope I get it. I had someone who works in hiring look over my resume, which, I swear, is infinitely more nerve-wracking than someone looking over your writing. A resume is like a little snapshot of your entire professional life; it’s a reflection on you, while a story is a reflection more of your imagination and creativity. She approved, though, and said it was very good and didn’t even have any suggestions for changes, so now I have confidence that I’ll be an excellent candidate for the position.

I’m off to submit my resume and their application form today. Wish me luck!


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