New Novel Project: May2011.

Well, it’s Sunday, and I usually don’t post on Sunday, but I figured since I missed Friday, I would make up for it by posting today. Besides, it’s the start of a new month, which means a new novel, so I get to finally talk about that! The first day of a new month gets me so excited to finally start on something new I’ve been thinking about for the past few days but haven’t been able to start or speak of yet!

This month, I’ve decided to take another stab at the book I call “Bastards of Allok.” I’ve attempted this one before, but it was very easily overtaken by another novel idea by about the fifth day. I think it was just waiting for this month, since I’m pumped for all the things I’ll be doing with it, and it handles some of the devices I’ve been thinking of using lately. I return to a male character: Solomon Demarkus, son of Gilferen Allok and his first wife, Awngel. I’ve decided to write it as a journal, as well. Solomon is a little bit bitter: he’s never liked his father, or the polygamy he lives in that he feels slights his mother (a bit of a mama’s boy, this one, plus Demarkuses are known for their short tempers!). There’s also a controversy building up over who will take Gilferen’s position in the Battarack kingdom. Should it be his first born, who was actually born to his second wife? Or should it be Solomon, who came not far after at all, by Gilferen’s first wife? Solomon decides that he doesn’t want it…not if it’s given to him. So he’s renounced his father, taken up his mother’s maiden name, and left the kingdom. Knowing his father’s lecherous and lustful ways, he is convinced that out there, in the world, if he follows the path his father took to get him to his position, he will find it littered with all sorts of bastards…others Gilferen has sired with a multitude of women who, because they are not in the married harem, are forgotten about, cast aside, and perhaps helpful. He is under the impression, being young and idealistic and oh-so-scorned, that he can gather together the Bastards of Allok and they can rally up again him and take the position from him.

Since Solomon not only wants to deprive his father of his standing, but he also wants to besmirch the man’s name through history. It makes him sick that this man he feels so much disdain for is considered a hero because of what he’s done in the past, and so he wants to keep a recording of his travels and his discoveries as he looks into Gilferen’s past. This gives me the journal frame for the novel, as well as the opportunity to include correspondence, letters, and other bits of media that Solomon will be collecting through his journey.

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now; I love the concept and the fact that our main character is actually quite unreliable. He’s an over-emotional teenager who feels he’s been wronged, when, really, he isn’t. Gilferen is a good guy; his relationship with Awngel has always been one of my favourites, mostly because it is so unconventional, and that is what Solomon doesn’t understand. In addition to an unreliable (and headstrong and stubborn!) narrator, we also meet some of my favourite, completely underused characters. He meets up with at least four presumed bastards: Ravenna Darklin, Darque Mi’ishka, Meriet Ewles, and a so-far unnamed male bastard who I haven’t completely developed quite yet. Since these characters have come about so far as just bastards, I haven’t done much with them, and I am so excited to see how they develop through the course of the story.

So that’s what May is going to be about! I still have to catch up on a few pages for April’s novel, but I’m now going to go and get things started!



  1. Good luck with your project this month, looks like you’ve got a good foundation to work on. I like your new project every month idea, I always get stuck on the same book for ages and then feel a bit lost when I complete it or give up. You must have a nice repetoire of books to work by now! Hope the writing goes well for you!

    • Thanks, Laura! Yeah, I do have a pretty nice collection of novels started…next year, the whole plan is to take one and focus on bringing it to a finish, but we’ll see. Right now, the starting something and working on it for a month before going to something new works well for my utter lack of attention span. It might be more helpful for me to pick two of them next year and alternate between working on one or the other. I’m so envious of people who can just sit and focus on something until it’s finished!

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