Early Morning and Extensions.

I did not get a chance to post my usual entry yesterday, due to a particularly early day at work. I was asked to come in to help with remerchandising the shelves, only to discover that, according to the merchandising manual, all of our merchandise was in the correct spot, despite what our area manager had said. So we did some super cleaning instead, leaving me to have a long day where I’m pretty sure I got super high on cleaning fumes.

…unfortunately, no brilliant visions or ideas for books came to me while on this kick, but I did have a great sales day.

I also received an exciting email: the American Short(er) Fiction Prize deadline got extended to May 15 rather than May 1. This means I have at least a couple more weeks to torment over whether or not I can produce something worthy of being submitted, especially since the past week or so (one 12 hour day and one nearly 10 hour day…I want to say I work too much, but….) has left me not particularly able to focus on getting a story out. I still have a few ideas floating around my head, so hopefully, I’ll have a chance to narrow in on something, get it written in a satisfactory fashion, and get it sent out.

To be honest, though, I’m mostly just excited about a new month tomorrow, since that means starting on a new book! As much as I loved the zombie apocalypse, nameless hero one for April, I started this project due to my lack of attention span and I’m really excited for a new direction.


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