Inspiration from Nothing.

Today is just one of those days where, try as I might, I cannot think of anything to write about in this blog. So I finally decided that I’d give up the attempts to form a coherent postulation on a particular topic, and just write about how I don’t know what to write about today. I usually get this toward the end of the month; I’m typically about to finish reading a book around this time, and most of my thoughts have been going toward what new book I’m going to try to write in the upcoming month. I considered throwing up a post about the few ideas I’ve been playing with, but I remembered that I’ve resolved not to do something like that until I’m in that month; that way, the one I’m working on this month isn’t suffering from my lack of attention span, although, really, it sort of is. The last few days have been heavy on working, and so I fell back on my page count. I have today gloriously free, though, so I plan to do a lot of reading and a lot of writing and it shall be good.

I do have the deadline for the American Short(er) Fiction contest looming over me, too, which is exciting to have a deadline, even if part of my brain is very fond of reminding myself that there are no big consequences if I don’t submit anything. In fact, it likes to point out that I won’t be throwing away fifteen bucks for entering. I have to admit, part of myself is still wary that I’ll have anything worth potentially throwing fifteen bucks away for, but I did start a little snippet of something that might make something by the end of the month. And if not for the contest, then perhaps for another journal. My roommate also threw out a suggestion that gave me the opening line, “Ganesha was outside again, mowing his lawn,” which is basically a story about the Hindu god, elephant head and everything, living in the suburbs, and no one really noticing that, you know, he’s a Hindu god with an elephant head. The idea is all hers, but I love it, and it could be fun trying to see if I could weave that into a story.

I was also thinking of potentially doing posts on character studies, because Lord only knows I could babble on the topic of one character for 200+ words without a hitch. I’m just not sure if that would be something anyone would be interested in reading, or if it would mostly be me babbling like a fangirl for myself. So thoughts on that would be lovely. As much as I want to tell myself I’m writing this blog for me, I do want to make sure I’m writing things people would be interested in reading.

May might also be the month I try to sit down and figure out whether I’ve got the resources to try to start up my own little indie lit journal. I have a friend who works in graphic design and can do all the technical stuff; from there, it’s a matter of monetary resources and whether I’ve got the advertising power to get people interested enough to submit stories. It’s an idea in its infancy, and one I haven’t been developing much, but there’s a spark there. It might catch fire, and it would be great if it did. I helped launch a journal in college (I’m pretty sure it fell off the grid after its second publication after I graduated), and it was a lot of fun, so it’s something I’d be interested in trying to do again.

Anyway, Rambling Finished. A luxurious day off of work lies ahead of me, so I am off to read and scribble and play some video games and clean my kitchen and wallow in the gloriousness of it all.


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