Random Snippets.

I was trying to think of a topic for a post for today; I know sometimes I entirely even skip Saturday or Sunday because the weekends tend to be my busiest. But I was thinking I could at least mention how I’m a little bummed that my very busy day ahead of me prohibits me from really giving my various projects and sundries the attention I wish I could give them. It seems that when I’m at my busiest, I’m also at my most creative. Damn you, theory of the unobtainable, that leaves our hearts continually yearning for what is just out of reach!

Lately, though, I’ve been thinking that if I could just spend my life only writing and reading, I would be a very contented person. Then again, the weather this week has been very dark and dreary and rainy, as can be expected out of April, so I might be a little more reluctant to dedicate myself to just those things once we have sunshine and warmth return.

I almost had a post today about another dream drabble, but, as the morning wore on, it started to slip away from me, and usually the good ones stick around. Now I just remember that it had something to do with desert survival and there was something about cheese, and it would be a project needing research anyway. My dreams lately have been very vivid; I think it’s because it’s still just a little too cold at night for me to turn off my space heater, and so it ends up being sweltering, and I get my best sleep when it’s sweltering.

I did spend some time this morning musing about characters, too, and wondering how many characters are too many in a novel. That was something that was always an issue with a lot of my Arynethian work, too many characters, because there are so many lively personas in that world for me. But it was just a fleeting thought, and not quite enough for a fully formed post.

So you get a lot of random rambling stuff today, dear readers, as my mind is far too focused on other things, though I really wish it was focused on this.


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  1. War and Peace had 500 characters and its a classic. Go for a huge number of characrters. The you can write one big novel, and break it out into little ones to increase sales.

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