Oh, Consistency…

My consistency for updating this blog was on such a great streak for a while, and then it went completely to crap. It’s amazing how a few off days with some funky internet and a few off days in life can spawn a whole upheaval of a usual routine. The internet connection has been the crux of it: I like to write these things in the morning, while I’m having my coffee and before the day really starts, but, for the last week or so, the connection has been so slow that it’s unbearable or out entirely, and so my attentions shift to video games instead (Roller Coaster Tycoon, how you own my soul for eternity) and I feel guilty for not having posted to the blog that day.

There have been a few personal bumps in the road, too, and so it’s not only the consistency of my blog that’s suffered, but my attention to my writing that has also taken a little bit of a blow and, once more, the Novel of the Month is behind on pages. However, my reading doesn’t seem to have suffered. It seems that, whatever is going on in my life, I will always make time for books. I try not to think about that too much; I’m sure a little bit of a psychological evaluation would suggest that I should be concerned with such a thing, and I’d rather not think about it. I’d rather just read, thank you.

Too bad there isn’t a job where one could become a professional reader…oh, wait

Ah, well. Hopefully, if my internet connection is cooperating, tomorrow’s post will actually be somewhat substantial about something that’s been on my mind a little. And, if not, well, then, in a few days’ time, I should have another book to report on. On a bright, random, but proud note, March has officially netted more views than January and February combined! Whoo-hoo! Thank you for reading, everyone, or, at the very least, taking a peek.

Hopefully I’ll see you all tomorrow!


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