Last night, I had the chance to see Rango; I have no intention to start using this blog as a platform for movie reviews, as I want to keep the focus entirely on writing and reading, but I did enjoy the film an awful lot. More importantly for what we’re here for today, however, is that it got me thinking about westerns and how I’ve never really written much in the vein, though I do enjoy them.

I don’t really read a lot of westerns, and, as we’ve covered, I tend to write what I read, so that could be a fair indication of why I’ve never bothered venturing out in the wild west for inspiration in my writing. I have considered it many different time; I even have a period of history for Aryneth that resembles the old west, just with draygens and the like. Most of what I would think of now in a western vein would probably also take on a heavily steampunk vibe. I think it’s definitely going to be the theme for April’s novel, unless something else comes by and hits me on the head. The nice thing about considering this now, too, is that I can perhaps do some outlining, have a really good story in mind when I get to April, and then I can mostly just have fun in exploring the nuances of a new genre I haven’t really played with much. There’s a lot of appeal in the dynamics of an old west town, in the interesting characters and the conflicts that might arise, but the thing to be careful with is avoiding the typical approaches to character types and common themes. It’s definitely something I want to explore a little before diving right into it.

Do I want to have the action focused around an outsider coming in, as in Rango? Or should it all come from the inside, from the people already there, and the conflict comes from something else? Questions I suppose I spend way too much time thinking about, though they are important. As a writer, you almost feel like the answers should come naturally, that you don’t work to make your ideas different and interesting and entertaining, but it’s always work, it’s always there, looming in the back of your mind. Thankfully, I have a while to consider it and perhaps even some time to brush up on my old west associations until April.

I wonder if Deadwood‘s on Netfix. Or Briscoe County. I know they’ve got to have Wild Wild West. That’ll be a great place to start, right??


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