It’s a beautiful morning.

Yesterday morning was one of those amazing mornings where every moment just seemed to charge me with inspiration and the beauty of so many simple things, and how the fantasy we search for in fiction can be found, every so often, in moments of every day life.

There was, of course, the geese. I work in an outdoor mall, with a job that often has me being able to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful weather. Granted, yesterday’s weather wasn’t exactly beautiful in the traditional sense. It was a little chilly, very foggy and wet, but refreshing. And there were these geese everywhere! Up on the roof of the Starbucks, way up on the roof of Sears, a few on the path in the courtyards, calling out to each other and strutting. It was just such an absurd moment, all these geese peering over the edges of the rooftops, and it’s an image that will stick with me and would be a great opening for a story.

Then there was the simple image of a small, fat little bird perched on the thin branch of the sprawling tree right outside our door, with the morning dew still collected on last May’s buds in shining droplets….Beautiful.

But none of the images struck me quite as much as the view on my way into work. Driving in, there it was, one of the many tall buildings scattered throughout the area, rising up into the low-hanging clouds and disappearing like some mythical monument. Even the building itself looked somewhat faded, ghostly from the mist that clung to its sleek facade as it reached up into the unknown heavens. It was such a fantastic image that the first thing I did was jot down the beginning of a story; I was hoping to at least post the snippet here today, too, but I realized that I left my notebook at work when I was writing on my lunch break. Whoops! But at least I got to share the images; I wish someone could have appreciated them with me!

It was just one of those mornings that made me feel so incredibly creative and regain my confidence in my imagination and ability. I love it!


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