More Random Tidbits.

I had a bothersome dream last night where I was inexplicably back in college and pregnant. My college campus was more of a mix between both Mt. Pleasant and Traverse City, and there was quite a bit of bike riding and strange artistic structure made of underwear. I have a few ideas on the psychosis behind what inspired this particularly strange dream, but that has little to do with writing. I bring it up because I’ve decided there’s probably a good story there, so I’ll save the explanations for that.

I need 12 more views in the next two days to meet January’s views. Damn you, WordPress, and you convenient and addictive statistic pages!

I wish I could remember the ideas I had for March’s impending novel, but I can only remember the one that would be better suited for a short story. Perhaps I will write that one, and next time, instead of trying to be mysterious and elusive, I should just write about what the ideas were in case I do forget them. The one I felt is better suited for a short story that might try to be a novel for March, then, is completely yanked from an episode of Ugly Betty, which is my roommate’s fault, and involves a woman who goes around to cemeteries to meet other widows, most of them much older than she, and creates friendships with them. The only problem is that she’s not at all even from the place she goes and claims her husband is buried. I haven’t decided if she does have a dead husband elsewhere, and this is how she copes, or if she’s just a little off the deep end, has never even been married, but pursues these cemetery friendships for other reasons, possibly nefarious. Those are questions I’ll likely leave for the narrative to decide.

Only two more days of February left! Still quite behind on the novel for the month, but I think I’m just ready to move onto the next one.


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