Random Snippets.

I can’t believe February is almost over already. I’m in that spot where part of me just wants to get to March, while the other part of me is wondering if March will really be much different. I do seem to have a more predictable work schedule in March, with a birthday toward the end of it, and the freshness of a new novel is appealing. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull through the current one by the end of the month: that’s zero for two on meeting my page count. Off to a rough start this year. I think most of my focus has been going into the 100 Books project, which is doing…a little better. It makes me wonder how many time I’ll be writing in this blog and saying, “I just haven’t hit my stride yet.”

At least I’m managing to be consistent with the blog.

I find it interesting, though, that, by following the site stats that WordPress.com gives you, most of the views come from people searching for “Dogs Don’t Tell Joke,” which was one of the books I ready earlier this month. Probably students or teachers who are working on it in class and searching for stuff on it, which means most people who are looking at my blog or finding it on search engines probably aren’t finding it very helpful at all. Unless they, too, are random Gary/Joe shippers. In which case, we should start a club.

Those are the random snippets for today. I’m off to get ready for work and maybe jot a little more down on this month’s novel.


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