I’ve commented on this phenomenon not too long ago, but I love the fact that, with writing, the adage of “when it rains, it pours” seems to apply equally well. These last few days, if you’ve been following along, I’ve been dedicating myself to sitting my butt down and just writing some of the monthly novel with little distraction besides some around-the-apartment tasks and it’s been working very well. I’ve gotten more work done in the past two days than probably the majority of the month all together. Granted, this is no surprise and just makes good common sense. But, what happened back when I started writing in this blog regularly, is happening again here and that’s just that it’s becoming so much easier to write. That goes for when I’m putting the words down in the notebook or when I’m thinking of what to drabble when I’m stuck at work, or even ideas for the novel next month. I have at least three of them, and so it’ll be a matter of figuring out which I want to pursue more. One is very silly, one is fairly simple, and one might be better suited for a short story. I might go for the silly one, because the last time I went with a silly inspiration (Ragnarok: Space Viking of last years NaNo), I ended up really really loving it.

But more on that when we actually get into March.

I’m excited to get to tomorrow, because I have an evening shift, which means a long stretch of morning to be productive and finish another book. It’ll be a small, slight book, but one of my favourites, so I’m excited to finish it and babble able out.

There was a third little snippet I was going to discuss, but it’s fleeing from my memory at the moment, so I’ll just leave it at this.


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