An Exercise in Obvious.

So, yesterday, I did what I knew would be beneficial and what I’ve been talking about doing for the past few days in this blog, and, sure enough, I was correct. Not wanting to get too entrenched into anything before I had to leave for work, I shut off the computer, pulled out my notebook, and put something on the television for some background noise (episodes of South Park on Netflix, to be exact) and worked on writing for about half an hour, in between doing some little tasks around my apartment to clean up and get my lunch ready. Only about half an hour, maybe a little bit more, and I easily filled a page of writing without even really dedicating all my time to it.

See, I knew that it would. I knew that the only way I’m ever going to catch up is if I take a seperate section of time specifically for writing, maybe a few other menial things because I have absolutely no attention span, and there you have it. I’ve just been being a completely lazy git and need to stop making excuses. I’ll definitely be working in a little time with the laptop definitively off and a pen in my hand. I even write on top of the closed laptop. It feels like a sort of defiance, as if to say, ha! Take that, instrument of ultimate distraction and destruction! You have no power over me!

Granted, the storyline is still boring and not very good, but the point of the exercise is the writing, not the final product so much. That comes later in either editing or rewriting. I’m also looking forward to getting some reading done this morning as well, since I do not have an incredibly long day at my jobs for a change. It’s gloomy and rainy outside, but it’s nice and warm inside, and there is coffee and playful cats. What more could a person ask for in the morning?


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