New Novel Troubles.

February has been a rough month for my productivity. I’m not quite sure what it is; part of me wonders if it’s just the psychological stress of feeling like you have fewer days to shove just as much stuff in, but this month has been a tricky one. Nothing has suffered quite as much as my page count for the New Novel Project. The energy that carried January’s novel, where the book had a habit of sort of writing itself and throwing me a line when I worked myself into a scene that went essentially no where, is completely gone at the moment, and I’m so far behind that I wonder if it would be beneficial to just scrap it and start another one from the beginning. It would only take six pages (that’s right; it’s the 19th and I only have six pages…) to catch up. That’s how poorly its doing.

But, on the other hand, I don’t really have a drive to start any others at this particular moment, either. I’ve worked myself into a little bit of a pointless conversation; hopefully, the events of the day and the tedium of my employment doesn’t kill the possibility of having the energy to just kill the conversation as quickly as possible and get onto something else entirely. The results are probably going to be nothing I would want to dedicate myself to, but that’s the flip-side of this project. You might find yourself with a flash of something inspired and worth building on, or you could come up with something that’s generally crap. So far, with the exception of an introduction that I quite liked, this month’s work is crap.

But there is that introduction. Even with droll, uninspired work, there’s at least a few diamonds in there.


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