The Ship Sets Sail.

I’ve been thinking about the novel I’ve actually finished a lot lately, which is good, considering it should have been edited, you know, yesterday. Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I always feel like doing something with shipping on Valentine’s Day, I was thinking this morning about shipping in the novel, and, more specifically, how little there is. Overtly. It’s main purpose is to introduce some of the major players and the major plot, what with the prophecies and winning back the kingdoms and all that, so there’s very little romance, though the potential for fans to find their favourites is there. There is a little bit of an attempt on the part of Gilferen and Jaxson to woo Awngel, and there’s an odd triangle between Knolan, Taluin, and Hederrick, but very little of it is romantic. Of course, Tenenshe’ean’s affections toward Auferrix are far from romantic, too, considering she’d imprisoned by him. Meanwhile, Locke, considered mostly the main character, is at a point in his life where he’s too interested in himself to be distracted by other people. Well, except Gilferen. I’m sure there could be some slash there…ahem.

Of course, this might also be because I’ve just realized the way I cut my hair recently is exactly like Awngel’s.

It’s also gotten me thinking about a book in the series that I’ve been on and off developing, which makes me almost wish I’d done that book this month instead of Calliana’s. And March should be a non-Aryneth book, but I might have to bend the rules a little to the call of the muse. “Bastards of Allok” follows the attempts of Gilferen and Awngel’s son, Solomon, to traverse the globe in search of bastard children that Gilferen has sired, if only to prove that he’s not just being a Debbie Downer, but that his father really is a total slut and has had all sort of random children across the world. Somehow, he thinks they’ll all join forces and work together to make his life a living hell. The details are sketchy, but Solomon and his unadulterated hatred for his father are interesting, and the concept of going through Gilferen’s past romances through his potential spawn is a fun approach to discovering what type of character his is through someone else’s experiences.

Or something.


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