Falling off the Wagon.

Ooof, that hurt! Falling off the wagon is way too easy; last week was just all out of sorts all over the place, but it was one of those weeks that really inspired me to get a grip on things, wrestle them down, and hold them there to get things back on track. That definitely means getting back to posting every day. Even if it means just a short little blurb like this to psyche myself up and get back into the swing of prioritizing things to be more efficient.

Efficiency. Oh, how it will always allude me!! I wish I could blame Snowpocalyse 2011, but I know better. It’s just me being a lazy spaz. But I’m going to strive to be back, and strive to get on track again and get some work done. I know I’m better when I’m active like this, so let’s do it! Off to catch up on my page count for the month!


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