The New Novel Project: February 2011.

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time to start a new page-a-day novel for February! I never quite got to the goal for January’s, so I’ll be still hacking away at that to get to 31 pages, but that one was turning out to be quite a crapshoot, anyway. More on that in another post, but, since it’s February 1st, it’s discussion on what was started today.

With the new novels, I try to switch from month to month so that not every month is an Aryneth book. The stigma of genre follows me everywhere, but it’s really the genre stuff that I’m passionate about, and this month is an Aryneth month, so I’m stoked. Very randomly, I decided to attempt to write the story of a character who I haven’t had much of a chance to develop yet, Calliana Allok, long-lost sister to Gilferen Allok, who has made much more appearances, considering he’s arguably the hero of the novel I’ve finished, “Serpent in a Cage.”

There are some images of her on her ancient RP profile page, and, man, is this taking me back to a long, long time ago, where I created so, so much and I wish I could get that creative energy back. One of these days. I just need the energy that I had going, a sort of creative momentum, and this blog is intended to help with that. I should really get my scanner working again, revive my old DA and Elfwood accounts…

But I digress, clearly. Calliana’s tale is the tale of a girl whose life changed as her father tried to fight his own demons and was discovered to have strong Majanical powers, which were developed to serve the enemy of the nation that her brother helps to build. I’ve had her story in my head for ages, but it’s always been Gilferen that gets the attention. It should be interesting to finally try to start putting it down into the pages.


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