The 100 Books Project : Star Wars.

Because my brain works in very odd ways and I have to give myself a bunch of random structured projects and bounce between them, in addition to the New Novel Project, I also have the project of reading at least 100 books a year. Last year, with the move, the efforts got all scrambled and I failed to keep track. The year before that, I managed about 77. This year, I’m getting it started with this guy:


“Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker” by George Lucas

Now, I actually read this before, last year (I have two copies), and I’m always surprised by how…lyrical Lucas is. Sure, some of it’s absolutely terrible, but there are moments where I’m really impressed by the almost poetic ways in which his sentences were structured or things were described. Of course, this was a text that I believe was written in hopes to promote an interest and raise money to produce the film, so it makes me think of a young George Lucas, feeling a passion for his vision and having it be the end-all, be-all of everything he does and it makes me absolutely love this book. It’s fun to see how much of it is word-for-word for the film, and how much had changed (“Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only remaining hope”).

It takes me back to my appreciation for the original three movies, as well. I have “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” hanging around somewhere. I’ve heard ~things~ about that one, so I might have to delve in. It’s interesting to think, as well, that there’s a whole world of books that exploded from this first little novel; I have a lot of those as well and plan to eventually delve into them, but, for now, I believe I’ll continue to be charmed by the very humble beginnings of what is now a cultural phenomenon and then some. I want to get into the Extended Universe, but it’s a scary place sometimes! I might have to start with rereading the Young Jedi Knights series. Yes, the first two or three of those are the only other Star Wars books I’ve read. Don’t judge me; they’re awesome. Tenel Ka rocks my socks.

And I must mention at least a little bit of the irony that I’m posting this the day after watching the South Park episode The China Problem again. It seems…emblematic. A lot can change in thirty-five years.

Books Read: 1 out of 100


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